Piano Stools

Sitting correctly at the piano is important for correct playing technique, also for good posture and minimise an aching back ! Which is why we stock Adjustable height piano stools, Concert piano stools, and budget priced keyboard stools. Come and find the perfect piano stool here at our Countrywide Pianos, near High Wycombe. The following gives an indication of availability however this is not a ‘live’ status of stock.

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Double adjustable piano stool

Double adjustable piano stool

Outstanding quality



NEW music clips/book holders

At last a simple idea that works ! Sheet music book holders fits most new, secondhand and digital upright pianos.



Keyboard Piano stool

Keyboard piano stool


Standard piano stool

Standard piano stool.
(Non opening) ( Not adjustable)


Adjustable Piano Stool

Adjustable White piano stool


Adjustable Piano Stool

Adjustable piano stool.


Adjustable Piano stool

Adjustable piano stool
Black highly polished with black upholstery


Adjustable Deep Button

Deep buttoned
Black adjustable stool


Piano shaped Stool

Adjustable piano stool


Concert Adjustable Piano Stool

Concert adjustable piano stool.