Yamaha Grand Pianos

A grand piano must perfectly reproduce the sound that the pianist hears in their head. The exquisite craftsmanship behind Yamaha’s grand pianos has matured over more than a century, yet even now it continues to evolve in order to satisfy this need.

No photograph – no matter how glossy or well taken the picture – can convey the tone and resonance of a finely crafted Yamaha grand piano. We truly hope that you can fully savour the character breathed into each individual part of this remarkable through your finders, your ears, and every other part of your body. As Approved and Authorised stockists for Yamaha Grand pianos, head over to our showroom and choose which one to take home.

Yamaha Grand pianos

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Yamaha GB1PE Baby Grand

Yamaha Baby Grand piano

Model GB1PE Second hand

Ready for Immediate delivery



Yamaha GB1PDM Pre-Owned

Pristine condition

Just two years old

Yamaha GB1 grand piano



Yamaha Grand Piano GB1KPE

 New Yamaha GB1K Baby Grand

Polished Black

Size: 5′ apx

IN STOCK for immediate delivery.




Second hand YAMAHA G3 Grand piano

Second hand YAMAHA Grand piano

6’1″  ( 186cm) Polished Black



Second hand Yamaha Grand Piano C5

Second hand YAMAHA C5 Grand piano

Size 200cm ( 6’7″ Polished Black



Second hand YAMAHA G5/C5 Grand piano

Second hand YAMAHA G5/C5 Grand Piano

6′ 7″ (200cm)

Excellent condition



Yamaha C3x Grand Piano

Brand NEW Yamaha C3X  Polished Black
Size 186cm ( 6’1″)