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Hybrid Kawai Pianos which combine a real acoustic piano with digital components which allow for silent play through headphones. With AnyTimeX2, together with the AnyTimeX3, Kawai have incorporated an acoustic muting feature with powerful digital audio components, allowing pianists to continue enjoying the distinctive feeling of a traditional piano more discreetly without disturbing family members or neighbours – in other words a real piano, that can also be played silently, digitally. NEW Kawai ATX K300 AURES

If the Kawai AnyTimeX2 is the piano for you, you will be able to enjoy the Harmonic Imaging™ XL (HI-XL) and the 88-key piano sampling.Our most popular model is the Kawai K15ATX2 if you have the space then choose the taller gorgeous Kawai K500 ATX3, you also get additional accessories included.Headphone, AC Adaptor PS-154, Music Books for Lesson Function and Owner’s Manual.

Steeped in Family Tradition, the Kawai family has blended knowledge, skill, technology and heart into the quest to perfect the art of piano making. For generations Kawai have built up a piano empire, to share with the world and spread music perfection for many more years to come.

Here at Countrywide Pianos, we dedicate our time working with the best piano makers the market has to offer and we are proud to supply Kawai Pianos. We recognize quality and with this Kawai piano range we know that you’ll see this too.

We are an independently run business which means you can rest back knowing we aren’t trying to push only one brand. We hand pick the best pianos from each and give you a range that we truly believe represents the best the piano industry has to offer. With this Kawai range we are confident that this is what you get. In today’s marketing where everything seems to be purchased online, we feel proud to still represent the high street! Each Kawai piano is completely individual and we
recognise just how important it is to our customers to be able to get to know their Kawai piano before taking it home. We love to talk shop! It’s our passion, it’s business, it’s what our family have been doing for over 30 years. So, come down, take a seat and let’s play some music!

Kawai Anytime/Hybrid pianos

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NEW Kawai K-300 AURES ATX3

Kawai K-300 AURES Polished Black finish

Arguably the best hybrid piano on the market

Available to Order Only at this time.


Kawai k15 ATX2- piano

Exceptional touch, optimum responsiveness, digital flexibility.

A real acoustic piano which can be played silently Anytime

The K-15 ATX2 is one of most popular hybrid pianos

IN STOCK for immediate delivery


Kawai K300 ATX2 piano

Exceptional touch, optimum responsiveness, digital flexibility: the new range of AnyTimeX2 hybrid pianos from KAWAI. Pianists can finally enjoy the convenience of absolute privacy, without sacrificing the responsive touch and authentic expression of a traditional acoustic piano.


Kawai K500 ATX3 piano

AnyTimeX3 instruments incorporate an acoustic muting feature with powerful digital audio components, allowing pianists to continue enjoying the distinctive feeling of a traditional piano, while listening discreetly using private headphones. The AnyTimeX3 models come with newly developed Kawai SH-9 headphones. These are specially matched to the internal sound source of the instruments.

Kawai K500 ATX3