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Yamaha Disklavier & Self playing pianos are real acoustic pianos to be enjoyed in the same way as any piano with the added benefit of being able to play by itself. The keys and the pedals spring into life, recreating the magic of the artists performance. Operated by your own ipad, iphone or Android device, it really is that simple to operate. We have in stock a great selection of both new and second hand Self playing pianos available for immediate delivery. We are well known as being self playing piano specialists, stocking most leading makers of self playing pianos from Yamaha Disklavier, QRS pianomation and Pianoforce Stahler.

Wireless connectivity makes these self playing piano systems compatible with most mobile devices. A self playing Baby grand piano or a self playing upright piano, the choice is there for the asking. Of course, the magic doesn’t end after self playing operation, these are real acoustic pianos first and foremost and are to be loved and enjoyed in their own right too.

Disklavier Enspire Pianos add a world of possibility to our acclaimed upright and grand acoustic pianos. A true acoustic piano at its heart, Disklavier Enspire allows you to record and playback those recordings with the piano’s keys, pedals and hammers recreating your performance in exact detail. With over a century of refined craftsmanship and ground breaking advances in piano manufacturing, Yamaha has thrived on a long established reputation of building World class instruments. Today, the Yamaha Disklavier ENspire personifies that harmony of traditional acoustic artistry with technological brilliance. Yamaha Disklavier , in our opinion, leads the way in self playing pianos.

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Yamaha Disklavier DGB1 E3 second hand

Yamaha Disklavier DGB1E3 second hand

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Pristine Yamaha Disklavier

Self Playing Yamaha Disklavier

Latest Wireless operation operate from your own


IN STOCK – immediate delivery


NEW Yamaha DGB1K Enspire ST Disklavier

Brand New & in stock,  the DGB1K Enspire ST Disklavier piano offers full recording and playback facilities, award-winning Yamaha Silent Piano technology and full key movement playback.Yamaha Disklavier – Probably the BEST self playing piano on the market .For a free one-to- one demonstration in store, please telephone to book, alternatively you are welcome to visit to browse.




Black Ritmuller B148 Baby Grand with QRS PNOmation III

Ritmuller Baby grand piano model GP148 self playing piano with the latest QRS PNOmation III system.  Available for immediate delivery.

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Stahler Self Playing Grand piano

Brand NEW Stahler self playing piano,

Polished Black

Ready for immediate delivery





New Bentley Self Play PianoDisc & Ipad

A Brand new Bentley self play baby grand, fitted with the Piano Disk system complete with I-pad. Immediate Delivery


Self Playing Stahler piano

Brand NEW Stahler self playing piano

Ex showroom Usual Price £15995 now £14995

IN STOCK – immediate delivery


Second hand self playing grand pianos

The best and largest selection of self playing grand and upright pianos under one roof ,both new and second hand, all ready for a full demonstration.