Self Playing Pianos

Self playing pianos are real acoustic pianos to be enjoyed in the same way as any piano with the added benefit of being able to play by itself. We have in stock a great selection of both new and second hand Self playing pianos available for immediate delivery.
Use your iPhone or iPad as a wireless remote control for your Self Playing Piano.

Pianos supplied to Heathrow and Birmingham Airport by Countrywide Pianos

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Second hand self playing grand pianos

The best and largest selection of self playing grand and upright pianos under one roof ,both new and second hand, all ready for a full demonstration.

Second hand Honer self play PianoDisc baby grand

Second hand Honer self playing real acoustic piano


Stahler Self Playing Grand piano

Self playing baby grand Stahler piano.
Ex Demo Model. Excellent condition.


Second hand YAMAHA GH1 Disklavier Grand

Second hand YAMAHA GH1 Disklavier
Circa. 2001


Stahler Self play Grand

Ex Demo/ex showhome Self playing piano
Pristine condition.


Second hand Yamaha G2 Disklavier

Second hand YAMAHA Disklavier 5'8″


Black Bentley B148 Baby Grand with QRS PNOmation III

As featured on The Gadget Show. Bentley baby grand piano model GP148 with the latest QRS PNOmation III system.  Available for immediate delivery.


New Bentley Self Play PianoDisc & Ipad

A Brand new Bentley self play baby grand, fitted with the Piano Disk system complete with I-pad. Immediate Delivery